Bixly developers are here to help you build your dream and avoid nasty spaghetti code while doing it. Hiring a Bixly developer means getting a great developer with really smart Django/Python friends in the company that constantly challenge them. You get to work with an administration team in California along with developers here and abroad.

We understand it's hard to find a "perfect" developer, which is why Bixly was formed. You can choose to work with one of our developers one on one or you can choose to work with our team of developers but one thing you'll definitely get is the integrity and assurance of a company. You won't have to worry about the developer not responding (because they've gone on to other projects) or any of the other negatives associated with hiring a developer in-house.

You can check us out at and see what we're all about. We've worked alongside with many companies that already have developers before and it's worked out great. I would love to talk with you some time, if you find us interesting?atives associated with hiring a developer in-house.