Spring Hollow Publishing, Inc.

Peter D Bethke, President of Spring Hollow Publishing Inc. is a full-stack Web Developer Technologist, with a particular emphasis on the architecture and creation of API’s, content management, frameworks and multiuser, layered authenticated systems. He loves Python for the simplicity and flexibility of the language, especially within the context of web development, and is comfortable working with back-end REST APIs in Python, as well as serving up dynamic, database generated templated pages. Specialties: Python, Django, php, Drupal, node.js, Backbone.js, JQuery, Perl, AppleScript, HTML5, CSS3, GULP, Browserify, UI Design, MySQL, MS SQLServer, Postgresql, RESTFul APIs, XML, SOAP, AWS, SQL Query language, MySQL server tuning.

Over the last 20 years we have created many Web applications for a variety of organizations, from Apple Computer to the University of Indiana, For the last three years we have been working almost exclusively with DjangoCMS and the Divio Cloud Platform, and are excited to be a Divio Partner. Recommendations from past work happily provided on request - we have many long-standing clients and pride ourselves on customer support. Yes - we pick up the phone when you call and its actually us on the line. :)

Our portfolio

Spring Hollow Publishing, Inc.


  • Visual Design
  • UX
  • Frontend Dev.
  • Backend Dev.