In LEVR we know what it takes to build successful IT products and we understand how difficult is to get senior professionals to join you company in a very early stage due the uncertainty of the project but also due limited budget. Most of the times business owners provide equity as part of the compensations what finally leads to dilution of shareholders or compromising big stakes in the ownership of the company to unknown new team members.


Our approach consists in offering an experienced team on demand in order to drive the development of your Minimum Viable Product or scaling up an existing product, paying hourly rates or packages of hours you can efficiently delegate all the tech responsibilities and hassle to our team. An experienced Team Leader will be working closely with you in order to get your requirements and providing guidance in order to define scope and deliverables for each task you define. In simple words we offer you a CTO, Project Manager and Software Development Team and DevOps as a Service. Yes, it's just as cool as it sounds! Paying on demand for an experienced team working with latest tech in order to deliver your MVP, develop your R+D project or just simply strengthen your current engineering team.