Sisu Consulting Ltd.

Sisu Consulting was founded in 2008 by Martin Koistinen, a Communications, Multimedia, Website and Web Application Development specialist since 1990. The team at Sisu excels in all aspects of website and web-application design, delivery and execution. And, we leverage Risk & Project Management talent within the company to ensure that project budgets and deadlines are easily met and that client expectations are exceeded.

Sisu Consulting also actively works with a network of professionals who can bring additional fields of expertise to client projects in a seamless fashion. In particular, we have superb Brand Management, Design, Typography and Calligraphy experts at your avail with Sisu Consulting.

Many of our customers are themselves Graphic Artists / Designers and we really enjoy partnering with them as we love the challenge of breathing life into their designs and mock-ups, and turning them into sustainable, living content for their stakeholders.

Since 2008

Sisu Consulting Ltd.


  • Visual Design
  • UX
  • Frontend Dev.
  • Backend Dev.