Since 2007 Shinefour collaborates with its customers to realise their project and find solutions to solve their everyday problems.



We develop custom software for the needs of our customers. As an engineering company, our highest goal is in the intelligent development of software solutions for our customers. For this we use agile methods to minimize waste in our workflow, from idea to finished project. Constant communication with the customer and short iterative development cycles reduce the risk of production errors significantly. The focus of our work: database driven applications for desktop, web and mobile, microservices and restful API-services. We use frameworks like Python Django, AngularJs or Spring that make us in the development process quickly and effectively. Tools such as unit - and acceptance tests assist us in the implementation and provision of stable and secure running systems. With the help of docker we can develop for a broad range of modern infrastructure services like aldryn, AWS, IBM, digitalocean, Google or custom servers.

To enable the user to easily understand and get their tasks in our systems safely and accurately done, we put a focus on thoughtful design, understandable user guidance and proven pattern (usability) of the surfaces.



Take advantage of our experience and our knowledge in your projects. We develop not only our customers precisely tailored software, but are also available in an advisory capacity. In our scientific training, we have learned, to move in unfamiliar territory and to view new challenges as solvable challenges.

Our daily tasks are constantly based on this learned and major foundations. Coupled with knowledge and experience from successful projects of the past 15 years, we have accumulated a great treasure that we now like to profitably bring in other projects, corporate structures and especially the people who are associated with it.



We focus on developing stable and robust custom solutions for international customers with proven tools, working methods, frameworks and our experience.