TimOnWeb - web and mobile development consultancy

I'm a proactive web and mobile developer equipped with a business school education. 

Such a mix helps me understand client's needs, forecast the success of a project and use my development skills accordingly.

I speak and write 3 human and 4 machine languages: English, Polish, Russian, PHP, Python, Javascript and Objective-C. Not mentioning proficiency in technologies like HTML, CSS/LESS/SASS, AngularJS, JQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch and Redis.

I do web and mobile projects using Drupal (PHP), Django (Python) and Ionic/PhoneGap/AngularJS.

The following quote by John Woods totally describes my attitude towards the job: "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live".

I love clean and usable user-interfaces, not afraid of dirty linux administration work and always have a few good ideas for any project I'm getting involved in.

I work with clients from all over the world: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Germany just to name a few.

In the past I worked as a radio deejay, internet marketer and even, as a business head, so my work experience is kinda diverse.


I love to build Django powered backend apps and Ionic powered mobile apps (iOS / Android).

Interested? Contact me via this page.

TimOnWeb - web and mobile development consultancy



  • UX
  • Frontend Dev.
  • Backend Dev.