transcode helps you transform your ideas into code. They specialise in the development of Python web applications based on Django. Their projects range from community websites and web applications, often integrating existing databases, to REST APIs and micro services. They also offer client-side JavaScript web applications written with Ember.js.

"By using agile software development methods we deliver results in fast, short iterations, ensuring that our customers have the opportunity to participate in the development process at any time or stage." says Markus Zapke-Gründemann, the owner of transcode.

Fast deployment of new features is achieved by automating as much work as possible. Beside the agile software development methods they also focus well tested and documented software, providing their customers with an expendable product.

They’re also experienced Python/Django trainers, and provide in-house training courses for organisations. They also offer code review services, to improve the quality of your code by putting another pair of eyes looking at it.

transcode's office is located in Leipzig, Germany, but they work for clients from all over Europe.