CMSPlugin Grid Loading

django CMS Grid Loading is a set of plugins for django CMS that allow you to publish Cascading Grid layout (image or text block) wall using Masonry library, + grid CSS loading effects from AnimOnScroll.

The choice of loading grid item from 8 predefined effect: Opacity, Move Up, Scale Up, Fall Perspective, Fly, Flip, Helix, Pop Up. 

Possibility to set ratio for images, plus overlay content label or if not image added to element then add text bloc using the rich text editor.

It uses files managed by Django Filer that allow you to select a single image by image or an entire folder of images.

If you select image by image, in this case the content become the overlay on mouse hover of the image.

Image item permit to add link and coresponding target. The wall of 3 collumns is full responsive.


Version: 0.1.2


Last updated

  • 17.04.18


Mathieu Meylan