Aldryn News & Blog (unsupported)

News & Blog allows you to incorporate news and weblog pages in your django CMS website.

It takes just a few steps to build your own weblog, to help share content with your users.

Amongst other useful features, News & Blog lets you select important articles to be given prominent places the main landing page, to associate images with articles, and more.

Integration with the comments system provided with the Disqus Addon helps encourage engagement with them.

News & Blog has been designed to make the most of many of the key features of Divio and django CMS, from user-friendly editing tools to help you get started quickly to powerful configuration options that make this Addon suitable for large and complex corporate websites.

Features supported

  • Spaces, which lets you manage multiple weblog instances for different sections of the website
  • Internationalisation, supporting content in multiple languages
  • Versioning, providing access to previous versions of your content

Integrates with

  • Aldryn People, representing your team of news and weblog authors
  • Aldryn Categories, so that as your News & Blog content grows it can be kept manageable 
  • Aldryn Disqus, integrating threaded user discussions and comments

See it in action

​See the News & Blog documentation for more infromation on usage and configuration.

Aldryn News & Blog is open-source software.


Last updated

  • 11.03.19


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