Aldryn Celery is a wrapper application that installs and configures Celery in your project, exposing multiple Celery settings as environment variables for fine-tuning its configuration.

Once installed you will be able to begin developing with Celery in your local environment.

In order to use Celery on the Test or Live server:

  1. add Celery workers to your project's subscription
  2. redeploy both Test and Live servers

Once these steps have been completed, your project will be provisioned with:

  • a RabbitMQ vhost
  • environment variables (BROKER_URL, RABBITMQ_ERLANG_COOKIE)
  • the additional worker processes to run in the background (celerybeat, celeryd, celerycam)

See How to Configure Celery in our documentation.


Last updated

  • 26.06.17


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